Manny Goldstein is a Liberal.

A long time ago, he was a Republican. Then two things happened.

First off, an acquaintance told him that Europeans get better health care than Americans, and everyone is covered, at half the price. Being in the medical industry, Manny set out the prove that acquaintance was wrong!

But @#$%!

After much research, Manny found out the acquaintance was right. Further study of other countries’ policies and results, and of US history, all pointed to the same conclusion: Liberal policies work better. Since he’d rather admit he’s wrong than to remember which lies to tell, Manny became a Liberal.

The second thing that happened is that the Democratic Party has been sprinting to the right for two+ decades. Heck, even if Manny had kept the same views he had back when he was a Republican, he’d be far to the left of most of today’s elected Democrats. Even Ike Eisenhower – badass general and Republican President – was a flaming Liberal compared to most of today’s elected Democrats. How nuts is that?

Pretty nuts.

So Manny tries to keep a lid on his sanity by periodically venting, both here and on Democratic Underground where he sometimes causes a great gnashing of teeth.



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