Hey, fellow Liberals: we’re scaring the right people.

Third-Wayer Rahm Emanuel was forced into a mayoral runoff, the first time ever in Chicago for an incumbent IIRC. And this despite having a zillion dollars in contributions from people who stand to make money from his reelection, and the backing of some notable (confessed) Republicans.

Two years ago, only four Senators voted against the rich Wall Street Banker that Obama picked to negotiate the TPP and the other international assaults on the 99%. Today, Obama seems to be having some difficulty in getting the thing slipped through in secret.

Heard much talk from Democrats about cutting Social Security lately? About the need to eat our peas and all that bull#%^*? Not really.

And this weekend, A new milestone: our newest always-was Liberal, Hillary Clinton, vowed to search tirelessly for the real killer people who stacked the deck against the 99%. (I can’t wait to find the bastards.)

And even the Democrats who, just a week ago, were baying about the political foolishness of Liberalism are now proud Liberals themselves, but not like us previous Liberals who are still merely dolts short a pony, haters, ratf#%ckers or whatever.

We’re not winning the thing yet, but we’re making damned good progress.

First they steal your money
Then they moon you
Then they steal your message as candidates, then moon you once elected
Then you win
Unless you let them get away with co-opting your message

– Mahatma Goldstein (with deep apologies to Mahatma Gandhi and all sentient beings everywhere)

Now comes the dangerous times. We Liberals are starting to mess up their plans for a fourth home here, a private plane there. They want their damned extra homes and planes, and they are rich, and they are smart, and they will #%^* up our *^%# to buy their doggies gold water bowls.

They are trying the easy way now, to co-opt our brand of political thought and action. I believe they will fail.

When the easy way fails, then things may get pretty ugly. They want our stuff, they think it belongs to them. They WANT IT, DAMMIT! Hell, we know they’ll even start wars based on fantasy just to get the gold water bowls for their doggies. They are that disturbed.

Don’t give it to them. Moon ’em back, instead.

If we hold fast, if we stay the course, if we’re tough and press the fight, we will continue to make progress, then we’ll win battles, then we’ll win the war. Because we’re right, and they’re wrong, and this is why history has a well-known Liberal bias over the centuries.

We. Will. Win.

Because we are Liberals. The real deal.

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